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Personal Injury Case

I contacted Ms Sampson after I was involved in a car crash resulting in personal injury. She reviewed my case, presented my options and vigorously fought the auto insurance company of the at fault driver. They tried to get me to settle for far less than I received, and Ms Sampson never gave in to their less than sufficient offers. I would recommend Ms Sampson to my family and friends and would call her again should I need legal assistance in the future.

- (5 star review)

3 Felony Charges in Norfolk General District to 3 Nolle prosequi’s.

Sandra Sampson was my defense lawyer for 3 Felony charges in the City of Norfolk. The charges had a combined maximum sentence 30 years in jail and up to $100k in fines. I contacted Ms. Sampson the day after my arrest and she immediately took up my case. She kept me informed through the processes and always presented all of my options, their consequences, and, if I asked her questions about the proceedings, she gave me informed answers. The entire process from arrest to outcome took only about two months, and as the title states I received a nolle prosequi (no contest) for each charge against me. Thanks to Ms. Sampson’s efforts, I got the outcome I deserved and my good name isn’t tarnished.

- (5 star review)