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Virginia DUI/DWI Attorneys

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), whether in a car or boat, whether the intoxicant is by drug or alcohol is an offense that is taken very seriously in Virginia. Even a first arrest, even with a low blood alcohol content (BAC) can result in a jail sentence; license suspension; participation in an Alcohol Safety Action Program and requires the installation of an ignition interlock device. Byler & Sampson, PC can help you navigate through the technical and complex process and protect your rights.

Virginia DUI Penalties

A second arrest for DUI carries a minimum fine of $500. If that arrest comes between five and ten years after a first offense, a conviction carries a minimum 10-day jail sentence. If the arrest comes less than five years after a first offense, a conviction carries a minimum one-month jail sentence. Other penalties include a 60-day administrative license suspension, the possibility of an ignition interlock device, and the possibility of a restricted driver’s license.

A third DUI offense is a felony, carrying a minimum fine of $1,000, administrative suspension of your license until the date of your trial, a 90-day minimum jail term if the arrest comes within 10 years of your first and second arrests, or a six-month minimum sentence if the arrest comes within 5 years of the first and second arrests, and the suspension of your license for as long as the judge decides.

Arrest for a fourth DUI carries the same penalties with a minimum jail term of one year.

Since both third and fourth DUI arrests are felonies, your vehicle may also be seized.

Virginia Beach DUI Attorneys

While the penalties for DUI are set, there are many factors that can increase the consequences of a conviction in Virginia, including having a minor in the vehicle with you, having an exceptionally high blood alcohol content, or causing serious bodily harm or manslaughter in the course of committing a DUI. When you have been charged with driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, your record and your future is on the line. Byler & Sampson, PC helps individuals who have been arrested for DUI in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and all along the Eastern Shore fight the charges against them to keep those charges from turning into convictions, and keep individuals out from under the burden of erroneous DUI records.