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Virginia Lemon Law Attorneys

When you purchase a vehicle, you do so with certain expectations that the manufacturer is required to meet. These include the expectation that a vehicle will run as it’s meant to, will be safe to operate, and will not fail to function properly as soon as you drive it off the lot.

The Virginia Lemon Law

Officially called the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, Virginia’s lemon law covers all passenger vehicles designed to carry up to ten people, trucks designed for hauling that weigh less than 7,500 pounds, mopeds, motorcycles, and demonstration and lease vehicles that come with a warranty.

Any issues with the vehicle that prevents it from operating as it’s meant to, impairs the safety of the vehicle, or reduces the market value are covered by the law, as long as those issues are not attributable to neglect or modification by the buyer.

Virginia Lemon Law Consumers and Coverage Period

A vehicle is expected to conform to all aspects of a warranty for 18 months after its purchase, according to Virginia’s lemon law. If the manufacturer or dealer of the vehicle has failed to repair reported issues during this period, the coverage period may be extended, and repairs needed to get the car up to proper operating condition remains the responsibility of the manufacturer or dealer. If the vehicle cannot be brought up to proper operation through repairs, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to replace the vehicle or buy it back from the purchaser. At this point, you, as the purchaser, have the right to demand the refund over the replacement.

The lemon law covers the vehicle’s original buyer or lessee, any individual to whom the vehicle is transferred during the warranty period, or any individual covered under the warranty, such as a co-signer.

Virginia Lemon Law Attorneys

While Virginia’s Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act is clear, getting repairs made to, or a refund for, a lemon vehicle is not always so cut and dry. When you have spent your hard-earned money on a vehicle, you have rights when it comes to that vehicle’s operation.

Based out of Virginia Beach, Byler & Sampson, PC has helped consumers in Eastern Virginia, including Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake, settle their lemon law claims against vehicle manufacturers. If you have a lemon, call for a consultation today. Your time to file a claim is limited.